We Are A Non-Profit 501c(3) Raising Money To Support The Mission

We are fundraising to supply FOOD to the Truckers on their Convoy to DC

and while in DC. Probably GAS too!

"Americans love our freedoms & love the Constitution of the United States of America. This convoy aims to bring back our freedoms, our civil liberties, & bring an end to all unconstitutional mandates. This cause is about our rights, as well as the freedom of future generations. It's not about political parties, but moreso about a government that has forgotten its place & has no regard for our founding fathers instructions, The Constitution." - Convoy To DC 2022

We are American Patriots supporting the Convoy to DC 2022.  Like you, we are regular folks who love our country.

We were tired of watching from the sidelines, so we have organized this grassroots campaign in order to support the Convoy to DC 2022 through your financial generosity.  

We are about the Five Freedoms that the First Amendment grants to ALL Americans:

Together, these five guaranteed Freedoms make the people of the United States the freest in the world.

Many donation platforms, like GoFundMe, are compromised and shutting down or withholding donations back from our Freedom Truckers.   

Your donations will be used to supply food to the truckers on the Convoy to DC and while in DC.  Probably gas too.

Thank you in advance for your support & generosity in accordance with our mission of protecting our liberty & freedom.  

In addition, because we are a 501c(3), your donation is tax deductible.  All donors will be provided with an email receipt with the information needed to submit when completing your tax returns for tax year 2022.

Should you have any questions or suggestions – please feel free to reach out using our contact page.

Many Thanks,

Support The Truckers

(Convoy To DC 2022)

A Non-Profit 501c(3)

200 Walt Whitman Ave

Ste. 42

Mt. Laurel, NJ  08054